10 Reasons why most men simply cannot handle an Empath

#1: They ask too many questions.
It’s not that the questions aren’t important, it’s just that many men simply don’t want to have to think carefully in their spare time. For some people, contemplating and deciding requires too much time and energy that could be devoted to resting and relaxing.

#2: They’re too honest.
Many men don’t mind exchanging several white lies with their partner every day; in fact, many men prefer things this way because it leads to less conflict and stress in general. However, most empaths feel compelled to always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth no matter what (I mean, it does seem like the right thing to do).

#3: They know what they want.
Many men don’t mind doing things for their partners or otherwise providing for them, but men tend to like to do things their own way, and as they see fit. However, empaths carefully consider what they really want before they show any sign of wanting it—so they can’t settle for half-baked realities.

#4: They desire long-term romantic partnership.
Empaths don’t tend to be interested in stands or flings, and some men tend to only be interested in these things.

#5: They desire genuine intimacy.
If it doesn’t go without saying, this doesn’t just mean “between the sheets.” Empaths need partners who will satisfy them mentally and emotionally (in addition to physically).

#6: They see the best and the worst in people.
For men who have even a bit of a dark side, this could easily become a relationship-ender. Empaths experience the feelings, emotions, and sometimes even the thoughts of the individuals around them, so if you’re harboring negativity from your past (or present)—they simply can’t be around you.

#7: They value consistency and reliability.
Many men enjoy going on binges, streaks, and otherwise being spontaneous in general. However, empaths can’t risk absorbing the negative swings and bends of such a lifestyle.

#8: They’re intense.
Some empaths really are capable of connecting to your feelings, emotions, and thoughts—and they’re extremely fascinated by all of it! Of course, this leads to many of the countless questions which were mentioned earlier (which many men can’t handle).

#9: They fully commit.
Many men enjoy continuing to “see other people” while they date a woman at first, but empaths desire nothing of the sort. How can the relationship—or the individuals involved in it—be genuine without basic loyalty, honor, and commitment?

#10: They’re independent.
Some men don’t understand how a woman could enjoy being independent but desire a close, meaningful, long-term romantic relationship as well. Nevertheless, female empaths do feel this way—so the men that can’t understand simply can never be with an empath long-term.

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