11 Ways to know that you are being energetically drained by those around you

In scientific terms, energy is the ability to do work. Others define as the vitality needed for sustained physical and mental activity.
But, there is yet another form of energy, known as spiritual one. It is present virtually anywhere! You have probably noticed how the energy of the room changes whenever a certain person enters. Steve lifts up your mood while Sarah brings you down, for instance. Each and every one of us brings energy to our loved ones, co-workers, and even strangers we come in contact with.
This article focuses on those people who get their energy by stealing others` energy. They are like energy vampires who suck up all the positive energy to fuel their hunger for negativity.
Physical And Non-Physical Energy Vampirism
Physical vampires are people who are unable to thrive unless they steal energy from others. This is often unintentional as they are likely to be suffering from draining dysfunctional experiences.
Non-physical vampires are invisible entities around us, and they are intentional energy stealers. They convey trauma and bliss episode through agreements and conversations had in non-physical realms or other lifetimes.
Times When You Can Be Sure That You Are Being Fed On
When you feel exhausted and drained when being around a certain person or speaking to them on the phone.
Feeling tired and fatigued no matter how healthy you eat and how much you exercise. This can happen along with a physical condition such as candida.
The famous line “If you love me you would_________ routine being said to you when things turn sour.

Narcissists are drainers who belittle you, scare you, and emotionally abuse you. Staying away from these people takes a lot of courage and energy.
Praising God, celebrity, or a guru outside of yourself as it is, after all, a donation of energy to another entity. This can be quite draining and even detrimental even it goes out of control.
Taking participation in drama.
Having sexual intimacies without being happy or without being in love with that person.
You cannot leave a toxic or abusive relationship.
When you feel like your family is disappointed in you. Also, when you feel bad about it!
When you conform to a social group and blend in the crowd.
When you are treated as a go-to person or a yes-person, doing what others tell you to do even when you don’t want to. You feel furious when people try to manipulate you but you cannot do anything about it.

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