6 Habits that damage your relationship

I would like to know these before …

Never underestimate the harmful forces of seemingly stupid habits that occur every day. Things that look small or even “funny” at the time may slowly leave a mark on your partner without knowing about it. Here are six of the most common stupid habits that are harmful connections day by day, see if you do one of these. Let’s get started.

  1. Avoid talking about problems

The first of the list is the most common, people often avoid talking about problems to avoid further arguments and struggles, failing to see it, avoiding the speech that actually creates more problems for each other. Whenever something happens to you, make sure that you are thoroughly considering it, make sure that every question about the problem is handled and discussed and make sure you give the appropriate closure of the problem. The argument or problem ignored is actually the reason for even greater struggle in the future, do not take it easy.

  1. Pretends to agree

Never pretend to agree with your partner, you agree only if you think. If you give them the wrong idea for yourself, you will bring them into a completely different state of mind, where they will begin to expect much more than you can give. Be honest and honest, if you do not agree with something they are talking about, then just say it, do not pretend to want something just because they like something. The key to a great relationship is always true to the person you are, this is the only way to be faithful to the person you are with.

  1. Raising fun in them, a little too much

At first, it may seem fun, but it can be very easy to start hurting someone if you keep it without thinking about the other one. Everything is fun until someone gets hurt. When you want to be funny, make sure you are careful with the words you use because you can only take it as a harmless joke, but the same harmless joke can have an activator for someone else. An activist who connects with a brutal incident from their past that immediately brings them back in those terrible days.Make sure that you are very careful with your words, they can never be turned back, even if you have never intended to harm someone with them.

  1. Be carefree about yourself

Your relationship starts with you. If you are careless about yourself and your well-being, your partner will worry about you and will start telling you to worry better for yourself. It’s not very attractive when you want someone and you care about someone with your whole heart, and you really do not care much for yourself, you can never be truly happy with someone until you are completely happy with yourself.

  1. Complain too much

My former fan constantly complained about me, I noticed how I said “my ex”. People who are very hard to satisfy or are never happy, no matter what you do for them, are people who will always be lonely in life because they expect to be treated as a royal family, people should be more down to earth and Practical. Do not complain too much about your partner and do not let them complain too much about you.

  1. Creating scenes in public

Another thing is my ex-beloved work, creating scenes in public. She always used to choose the worst places to fight, where people would see how to fight and probably take it aside because she was always crying afterward. The beatings that happen between you should be between two of you! No one else needs to know about your problems, your problems are private and they should be spoken and resolved PRIVATE.

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