Boyfriends ranked best to worst based on their zodiac

#1: Scorpio.
Scorpio men can be incredibly charming, but they also tend to be intricately complex. If they truly love you, then you can count on loyalty and dedication—which are outstanding qualities when it comes to boyfriends. Just remember that a Scorpio man will need a little space on a regular basis and they’ll always be honest with you, and you should experience a very enjoyable relationship.
#2: Gemini.
Gemini men often succumb to love at first sight, especially when the sight spawns images of the relationship in the future that are particularly appealing. They tend to be gentlemanly, good listeners, and empathetic, and they’re also usually quite inspiring. Solid boyfriend material.
#3: Libra.
Libra’s are probably the most peaceful types out there, but when they do speak up or stand their ground then you know they are doing so over something they genuinely believe in and feel strongly about. What’s more, they tend to be funny and entertaining, and extremely generous to boot. Excellent boyfriend potential.
#4: Aries.
An Aries man usually dominates a relationship, but they are especially attracted to women who will challenge them as well. However, they also like to make women work for their love, but it’s almost always worth it in the end. You could do a lot worse than dating an Aries.
#5: Cancer.
Cancer men tend to be honorable and forthright; however, they also seem to end up with women who are quite wrong for them. But when they finally meet the right type, cancer men usually treat them like gold—so it just might be worth the gamble.
#6: Leo.
Leo’s are usually extremely romantic, but they also seem tough sometimes. Yet, they’ll almost always give more to their partner than they will take, and they’re more trustworthy than most other signs. Definitely worthy of boyfriend consideration.

#7: Aquarius.
Aquarius men tend to be strange but funny, which can result in both good and bad boyfriends depending on the situations. However, Aquarius’ are also known to let their partners make most relationship decisions, so if that’s appealing to you, it might be worth giving one a shot.
#8: Sagittarius.
Sagittarius men often take a long time to make decisions, and they frequently overthink decisions. Yet, once they manage to enter into a relationship they tend to be honorable and loyal, so the juice may be worth the squeeze after all.
#9: Capricorn.
Capricorns have high standards, which can often result in pressure on the relationship or the other partner. They usually prefer to make all major decisions, and they can be more than a little arrogant sometimes. If this floats your boat, then a Capricorn is for you.
#10: Virgo.
Virgos tend to be more jealous than most other people, and they also harbor worse tempers than most. They have great memories, which means they have a very large bag of old mistakes and embarrassments to reach into whenever they see fit or entertaining. They can be very forgiving, but they definitely don’t seem ideal in most cases.
#11: Taurus.
Taurus men don’t seem to like to commit, but they are usually big family and career men. So if you date a Taurus for a long time, it’s definitely a sign that they’re more than likely crazy about you—just don’t hold your breath waiting for an early proposal or wedding.
#12: Pisces.
Pisces men tend to be quite sensitive, but they also tend to be attracted to opposites. This leads to many conflicts, but once they find a partner who is capable of navigating through them successfully alongside them, there’s not much they won’t do for that person. They might be a little too reserved for some people, but they could be perfect for someone who’s attracted to that.

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