How to build a solar furnace for under $50

Heat your home with a solar furnace for under $50.
With rising household bills for heating electricity, people are turning to alternative solutions to heat and power their house.
Living ‘off grid’ using natural resources for power has become increasingly popular, these ways of living help both the environment and in reducing your household bills.
Heating is one of the most expensive monthly charges, and many people have changed to alternative methods such as wood burning or multi-fuel stoves. This allows you to heat your home for a fraction of the price using only natural resources.
A ‘solar furnace’ is a device that allows you to heat your home using solar power to create very high temperatures to supply your whole house with heating and hot water.

Solar energy is one of the main alternative energy sources, and while many people have made the switch to solar energy, it still faces some problems. Many people who are unfamiliar with solar energy are unfortunately still skeptical about the amount of power that can be generated by it.
It is true that most homes that are fitted with solar energy devices do have to also have a back-up as the technology is not quite ready to work on its own, but many of these back up generators are simply installed as a precaution, and many homes in places where sunshine is abundant can work quite well on solar power alone.
Most of the houses you see with solar panels fitted work by harnessing the sun’s rays and converting it into electricity, but the solar furnace is different.
It is a more sophisticated piece of technology that allows the sun’s rays to be converted into very high temperatures, the kind of temperatures that are reached in a normal home’s boiler – hot enough to provide the whole house with heating and hot water.
The technology actually dates back thousands of years, the Greeks are thought to have harnessed the heat of the sun on earth to reach thousands of degrees in order to destroy attacking enemy ships.
It is simple physics which allows the rays to be converted in such an efficient way, and you will be surprised how effective your solar furnace is.
The video below takes you through step by step in how to build your own solar furnace for your home all for less than $50. Now if that isn’t sustainable living at it’s cheapest then we don’t know what is.
Watch the video to learn how to build your own solar furnace.

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