Gemini Personality profile

Birthdays from May 21 – June 20
Sign: Twins
Element: Air
Ruling planet: Mercury
Lucky numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23

Gemini strengths are gentle, curious, affectionate, ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas.
Gemini weaknesses are: indecisive, nervous, inconsistent.
Gemini represents two different personalities.
Gemini is sociable, ready to fun and communicative, with a tendency to suddenly get serious.
They’re fascinated with the world itself.
Gemini sign belongs to the element of Air. They are accompanying with Aquarius and Libra.
They are changeable and open mind makes them an excellent artist, especially journalists and writers. Gemini skills and flexibility make them shine in driving, trade and team sports.
Gemini people are extremely independent and they will not be pinned down by any rules or anyone. They want to experience the world on their own. Also, for them very important it’s change and freedom.
Gemini friendship:
Gemini leaves their mark on everyone they meet and they make very interesting and exciting friends. When you have Gemini for a friend your life is very interesting and fun.They are here to give you advice about everything because they are masters of communication and they can help you get what you need by helping you with persuasion and enthusiasm. They can fill you in with the latest gossip and if you love conversation they deliver. Also, Gemini is very generous with their friends and they will spend a lot of time with you and share everything with you. They need time for themselves, even though they are a social butterfly.
Gemini love and relationships:
Gemini is fun and always ready for an intellectual challenge and they see love first through communication and verbal contact. They could spend a lot of time with different lovers until they find the right one who is able to match their energy and intellect. Gemini needs variety, excitement, and passion. For them, the right person is a lover, friend, and someone to talk to combined into one. They are searching for emotion that lasts when they get older and realize that they are already in the repetitive mode of a superficial bond. If someone wants to attract a Gemini woman, he will have to be able to keep up with her dual nature, but she can be passionate and gentle one moment and distant the next moment. That is a result of her natural born tendency to stay on a distance and safe from other people. If someone wants to attract a Gemini man she must to be fun, stimulating, laughing at his jokes, adventurous and ready to learn from him day after day.

Gemini family:
For Gemini is very important family, especially their children. They seem to have a more calm and modest approach to those he shared a home with. They will find a way to be in two places at once, although responsibilities carried by their family, getting everything done.
Gemini career:
A suitable job for Gemini has to be challenging to their brain because they are skillful, often very smart and inventive. Inventors, traders, writers, preachers, orators, and lawyer are the best careers that Gemini can choose, but the excellent choice for them is a career that gives them the opportunity to communicate freely while keeping them o the move and busy at all times. Gemini needs a workplace that won’t keep them stuck in a routinely because they are created for multitasking, bringing new ideas to life and problem-solving.Gemini people believe that money is just a necessary evil and for them, it’s difficult choice between practicality and pleasure. They keep their finances in organized and check, which gives them a sense of confidence and security.

Gemini famous people:
Kanye West, Angelina Jolie, Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp, Prince, Donald Trump, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Alanis Morissette, Macklemore, Fetty Wap, Iggy Azalea, Kendrick Lamar, North West, Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate, Morgan Freeman, Kate Upton, Blake Shelton, Amy Schumer, George Bush, Walt Whitman, Joyce Carol Oates, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Salmon Rushdie, Salvatore Ferragamo, George Orwell.

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