I do not stop loving you, I just stopped to run for you

Running after you was like looking for rain during a drought. It was as if you were hoping for the sun between a million dark clouds. I always put myself in constant disappointment and pain.

I made a decision to stop waiting for you. It’s It remains you to stop hoping to come back to me one day, ever. I decided to do everything, to go further, to leave you …

What is the point you stand constantly to something that has never been yours even, in the beginning, something that can never be changed for the better, something that keeps you captive for years and years, without any guarantee of love or a little-battered happiness? Still, it’s better to start focusing on myself than now. Perhaps it’s better for me to allow you to live your own life, as you want, without interference, without any questions and without any expectation of a return to my love.

I have to start living a happy life, a peaceful life, a life that will leave me memories that will make me happy. This decision of this new life could end the possibility of getting butterflies in my stomach whenever I meet you. It could stop typing my heart faster, every time you look deep in these eyes, and the opportunity for my knees to become weak whenever I am in front of you.

But, too, it will stop the possibility of feeling hurt and broken every time when you forget to return to the message or call, whenever you forget the plans with me to spend time with friends, and whenever you treat me as one of the many.

I am not trying to imply that life with you has always been a series of constant troubles, sorrows, and problems. We have seen good times, but bad times will somehow always overcome them. We laughed together, but we cried more. We shared some passionate nights, but perhaps they were never as exciting as the nights they shared with all the other girls in your life.

The relationship we shared was nothing short of driving with a carousel. It was an incredible and irresistible chaos. A journey full of excitement, an adventure that will surely miss forever. But we and our time together came to an end. This universe, our destinies – everything intervened and there is nothing in my power to prevent it from ending.

If doing the best for me means that I should let you go, then I’m ready for it. If I give up the relationship with you today means that I will open up for new and better connections around me. If it does not give you the power to see me in my most vulnerable country means that I will be strong and fearless in my crushing, then I will continue to tell you that I am quite well on my own.

I will take the opportunity to finally grow up, make up my lost time, find myself again, find new connections in which I feel fulfilled, create incredible memories with my friends and family – people who really care about me, work Towards Achieving Success in Life and Turning To A Woman For Which I Ever Wanted To Be.

I can not continue to be tormented by adhering to someone who can give me only less than I deserve. It’s time to say “I’m gone”

No more “us”. Only you and me alone. You’ve already left a mark on me. You have space in my heart that no one can ever replace. I did not want to stop running for you, but I will never stop loving you. I wish you time with happiness and joy. Sorry and goodbye

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