Queen Elizabeth bans the Obamas from attending the Royal wedding

Queen personally blocks Michelle and Barack Obama from guest list
The Queen has blocked Michelle and Barack Obama from attending the Royal wedding
Queen Elizabeth II personally blocked Michelle and Barack Obama from being invited to the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markel next year, according to reports.The sitting US President and First Lady have traditionally been invited to Royal weddings, but the Queen took offense when she realized that Michelle Obama was attempting to “sneak” a place for herself and her husband on the guest list, in place of the real POTUS and FLOTUS.
This lack of etiquette didn’t go down to well with the head of the Royal Family and led to a humiliating response for the Obamas.While former-President Obama touring the world to undermine the real president, operating as some kind of shadow POTUS, Michelle has been trying to push her way, uninvited, into every major social event where she doesn’t belong.
When Michelle Obama heard the announcement that Prince Harry was marrying a black American girl, she assumed she was guaranteed a spot on that guest list.The ex-FLOTUS made a desperate play to steal a spot on the guest list, but unfortunately for the former Mrs. Obama, invitations to the wedding are approved by the Queen of England herself.
As soon as Buckingham Palace made the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were officially engaged, the Obamas saw a window of opportunity to edge their way into the elite circle that would be attending the exclusive wedding, like a couple of desperate kids trying to hang with the popular crowd at school.Barack, having a lot more time on his hands than the current POTUS who is busy cleaning up the mess he left behind, wasted no time taking to social media to beat President Trump to the congratulatory punch.After practically stalking Prince Harry on Twitter in recent weeks, Barack made a post within seconds of the news coming out, which served the purpose of letting the Royals know that he and Michelle were angling for an invitation to the wedding of the year.
The Obamas certainly know their audience and have become experts at playing the crowd for fools, with Barack’s sycophantic post garnering and epic one million likes.This seemed like it had clearly paid off for the Obamas because it meant Prince Harry and the Royal Family were likely to see it and a seat at the high table was surely on the cards.London’s Independent reported that the exposure of Barack’s post sparked rumors that the Obamas would likely be “guests of honor” in place of the current president and first lady.
While Barack was busy posting desperate tweets and secretly sending DMs to get on the coveted guest list, Michelle did something far worse to shove the Trumps aside and ensure her spot, even though the honor is traditionally reserved for the current president and first lady.Michelle has been trying to rack in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and simultaneously trash Donald Trump recently by doing the rounds on a speaking tour.Her recent trip to Canada was no exception when she attempted to kill two birds with one stone by combining her usual trash talk with the hidden goal of getting to the historic royal wedding.
Speaking at the “Economic Club of Toronto,” Michelle went off-script from her usual Trump bashing by kissing up to the Queen of England at every opportunity and criticizing POTUS Trump whenever possible.Michelle must have really wanted that wedding invite.According to Page Six, Michelle flitted between making fun of President Trump then immediately gushing over the queen.Both conversation deviations had no place in an event like this, but for calculated Michelle, it has a passive-aggressive purpose of saying that Donald Trump wasn’t fit for her guest list, but that she should get a spot since she loves the Queen so much.”After being introduced by Canada’s first lady, Sophie Trudeau, Obama told the crowd that it is ‘never a good idea’ to put your first thought in the morning on social media, and never a good idea to ‘tweet from bed,’ which appears to be one of the president’s favorite pastimes, presuming that he is actually in bed when he tweets at 3 a.m,” Page Six reported.
“Going on about effective communication, and the importance of doing drafts, Obama went on, ‘Then you need to edit and spell-check it.’ The 45-minute conversation, hosted by the Economic Club of Toronto, flowed into a bunch of amusing side stories, including her memories of being awestruck when meeting Queen Elizabeth of England.”

“’What do you do with the Queen? I touched her. She touched me first,’ she said, adding that her dream dinner guest would be Jesus, whom she’d serve pizza.”
It’s well known that the respect, proper etiquette, and holding a high-level of decorum is important to the Royal Family and by painting Trump as an impetuous buffoon who can’t control himself, Michelle thought she was making him look like a bad choice for a wedding guestHowever, the bigger motive in her comments was to cover up her actual faux-pas with the Queen when, not surprisingly, brash Michelle showed a complete lack of respect and protocol when she got a little too touchy.The moment she bullied her way into a hug and pushed the Queen toward a chair was the moment that the Queen decided there was to be no place for Michelle or Barack Obama at the wedding, The Guardian reported.The Queen felt so grossly disrespected by Michelle that she royally snubbed the former first lady after the touchy-feely offense.When she flew into London with her mother and daughters in tow, expecting an audience with Queen Elizabeth, she received a big slap-in-the-face instead, the Globe reported. Instead of spending the day with Michelle and her family who flew in to meet with her, the Queen ditched her and went off the horse races instead.
Michelle may think she’s royalty and even tries to act like it, but she’s got nothing on the actual Queen of England who is the real deal and put her in her place.The Queen does what she wants and by kicking desperate Michelle Obama off the guest list, and extending an invitation to Donald and Melania Trump instead, she showed she is no-one’s fool.

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