Scorpio personality profile

October 23 – November 21

Element: Water
Ruler: Pluto, Mars
Day: Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 8, 11, 18, 22
Colors: Red, Scarlet, Rust

Scorpio strengths are Brave, passionate, resourceful, stubborn, a true friend, brilliant minds, dynamic.

Scorpio weaknesses are: Jealous, distrusting, violent, obsessive, manipulative, suspicious

Scorpio weaknesses are: Jealous, distrusting, violent, obsessive, manipulative, suspicious
Scorpio dislikes: Revealing secrets, dishonesty, passive people

Scorpio people are assertive people and passionate. They are decisive and determined and they will research until they find the truth. They are great leaders, always features prominently in resourcefulness. Scorpio loves to express and experience emotions. Scorpio manifest their emotions differently than other water signs. They definitely keep the secrets, whatever they may be. The ruler of Scorpio, Pluto is the planet of regeneration and transformation. They are known by their cool behavior and calm. They understand very well the rules of the universe and because of that people say that they are fierce. Some of Scorpios looks older. They hate dishonesty very much and they can be very suspicious and jealous. They need to learn how to adapt more easily to different people. They are also very brave and they have a lot of friends. They are fiercely independent and able to accomplish anything they put in their mind. Scorpios prefer to live on their own and they like to be controlled.

Scorpio Love and Relationships:

Scorpios are very passionate and intimacy is important for them very much. This sign in the zodiac is the most sensual sign. They want honest and intelligent partners. When Scorpio fall in love once, they are very faithful and dedicated. They enter into a relationship very carefully. They need a lot of od time to build a trust for someone.When someone hurt them, they can not forget that and they will probably revenge to you. Scorpio man is very competitive, tedious, intense, confident and sexual and it’s not easy to attract him. He is compulsive, obsessive and jealous, and that is his negative trait. If you want to attract a Scorpio man, first of all, you must be honest and affectionate. Also, he needs an emotional attraction. Scorpio woman is sexy, secretive, magnetic. She has a great capacity for kindness and desire to do good. If you want to attract Scorpio woman, you must be willing to let her take the reins of the relationship and also you must be patient. She needs a full attention. She is not a woman for the one night and doesn’t expect a sexual encounter on the first date. She also doesn’t forget easily when someone tries to hurt her and her also revenues. If you want to make her happy, you need to find new ways to satisfy her curiosity. Signs that are compatible with Scorpio are Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces.

Scorpio Friendship and Family:

Scorpios are great friends because they are fair and honest. Also, they are loyal and dedicated. They are intelligent, so they will better be with fun loving people and in the company of witty. They will give to their loved ones all they have, but when they are sad, it’s impossible to make them feel better. Scorpios take a good care of their family and they are extremely dedicated.Scorpio Career:

Scorpio Career:

Scorpios are fantastic in solving, management and creating. They never give up when they have a goal. Thay have the ability to focus with determination makes Scorpios very good managers. They never mix friendship and business. The best career for Scorpio is a physician, scientist, sailor, researcher, detective, cop, psychologist, doctors, business manager. They are not afraid of hard work if that brings them in a better position. Scorpions are not spending too much money. For them, money means security and a sense of control. They carefully make a decision for investing in something. They must be in a power position and they are extremely persistent, ambitious and determined.

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