Terrifying video of “Obama” Everyone needs to see

Have you ever heard of Deep fake videos? It is now possible to completely fake videos where a person who exists in real life is depicted saying or doing things they have never done.

A video was produced by BuzzFeed that depicts how fake videos can be made to create an illusion that celebrities are saying things they are not.

In their video, a very convincing fake Barack Obama said some very uncharacteristic things. He said Ben Carson was “in the sunken place,” and he called Trump a “total and complete dipsh*t.”

“We’re entering an era in which our enemies can make it look like anyone is saying anything at any point in time even if they would never say those things,” the fake Obama in the video said.

However, there’s a little nugget of propaganda in the video directed against the alternative media. It’s talking about fake news, and implies we would be safe trusting the mainstream media that is always trying to agitate people to believe in war: it’s not a great idea to trust the mainstream media either.`

YouTube itself posted this video on Twitter, adding to the hysteria about “fake news.”
As the video continues, it becomes apparent that this voice is not Obama at all, but Key and Peele comedian Jordan Peele doing the voice for the fake video with a very convincing tone.

FakeApp, a tool to make this kind of video was utilized to merge the face of Barack Obama with the lips of Jordan Peele.

It took about 56 hours for the video to be produced, with a little help from a video effects professional. Videos of precisely this quality are not yet available to just anyone, but they managed to accomplish this with very few resources nonetheless so it does tell people a little something.

“The good news is it still requires a decent amount of skill, processing power, and time to create a really good ‘deepfake,’” they said.

“The bad news is that the lesson of computers and technology is this stuff will get easier, cheaper, and more ubiquitous faster than you would expect – or be ready for.”

At the end of last year, headlines started to be made about pornographic videos in which fake versions of celebrities were very convincingly performing sexual acts on video. Those types of videos were promptly banned from popular porn websites.

Experts issued warnings earlier this year, that DeepFake videos could be influential in warping situations politically in the future.

“The idea that someone could put another person’s face on an individual’s body, that would be like a home run for anyone who wants to interfere in a political process,” Mark Warner, a Virginia State Senator said.

“This is now going to be a new reality, surely by 2020, but potentially as early as this year.”

There is an enormous range of possibility on what could happen with technology like this in the future.

However, unfortunately, the mainstream media is trying to influence people to be more fearful of some kind of fake videos than the mainstream media placing evil in people’s hearts and inspiring them to support the war and immoral actions of the state.

(Image credit: IFL Science)

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