Tyson foods corporation now linked to largest dead zone in U.S. history

Popular food company linked to biggest ‘dead zone’ in the US.
Tyson Foods are one the biggest suppliers and distributors of chicken in the US, but the cheap prices have come with a terrible side effect.
A dead zone off the Gulf of Mexico thought to be the biggest area of barren land caused by pollution in the US has been attributed to Tyson Foods and other corporations.
The huge scale that Tyson Foods and others like them are producing food at is causing catastrophic and perhaps even irreversible damage to the environment. The ‘run off’ from farms is full of chemical and even toxic waste, and when this accumulates in places in the large amounts that it does, it is causing everything in the area to die off.
Non-profit organization Mighty Earth issued a report into the problem and found that Tyson Foods were among the worst offenders for dumping their farming waste into the environment. Owing to the fact that Tyson Foods are the biggest producers of meat in the country it might come as no surprise to hear that they have one of the worst environmental records.
In retaliation to the problem, a petition named ‘Clean It Up, Tyson’ has been started, and has already gained 60,000 signatures, which is set to be sent to Tyson Foods CEO Tom Hayes to urge the company to stop dumping their waste in rivers and other water sources.
The petition’s official page says:
“Tyson Foods need to step up and make a clear commitment to cleaning up pollution from its meat that is contaminating waters across the country,”

“That’s the core message that Green Corps organizers will be bringing to communities most affected by this pollution as part of Mighty Earth’s campaign for leaner meat.”
The ever-competitive world of consumerism has played its part in the destruction of parts of the earth’s natural environment. Buying power is incredibly influential and the consumer often dictates what the companies need to provide. Sadly meat, and particularly chicken is one of the biggest demanded foods in the U.S, and not only do people want it in abundance, they also want it cheap.
These forces companies like Tyson Foods to resort to sub-standard measure to provide the same amount of food for the same low prices. The dead zone created by Tyson Foods and the like is over 9,000 square miles, meaning something has to be done soon or the problem will only continue to get worse.
Via March Against Monsanto
Featured Image via NASA/Goddard SVS

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