July 13, 2020

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LILITH – Adam’s First Wife Was Not Eve And The Bible Hid It

The bible discusses the origin of what we know now, what was the humanity’s beginning, and the creation of the world, according to Genesis. This sacred book discusses how God creates the man.

However, this story has actually a part, which hasn’t been discussed in this sacred book. Namely, Adam’s first woman wasn’t Eve,  but Lilith. She was actually the first woman who existed in the world as well as Adam’s first woman.

Lilith as Adam’s First Woman

God created Lilith in the genesis of the world at the same time as the man. She was the first woman to exist in the world. However, she was banished and rejected by God at Adam’s request as she was stronger, more intelligent, and didn’t obey Adam’s commands. In this sacred book, she was censured to understand the humanity’s origin, as what Lilith represented was actually against the traditional concept of the church where the woman has to obey the man as well as to be submissive to him.

In the traditional Bible, aside from having undergone a few religious filters, one part is left where it’s obvious that God creates the woman and the man at the same time at the beginning of humanity. This part appears in Genesis 1:27.

In this verse of the traditional Bible, we are told that God created the woman and the man at the same time. The words “created them“ confirm that, clearly suggesting that the man was actually created at the same time with the woman. It’s evidence of the existence of Lilith embodied in the Bible itself.

She had female reproductive organs and they were 2 equal human beings, with the same character, faculties, and strength.

What Did Result in the Separation of Lilith from Adam?

The Catholic Church censored the apocryphal texts in which Lilith was a woman who had a firm character. She was more intelligent than Adam. However, Adam was dominant and commanding. In moments of intimacy, Lilith demanded that she may be on Adam in the act before which he refused. This resulted in a conflict between them, which led to the separation of Lilith from Adam. Afterwards, God banished Lilith at Adam’s request.

However, in case they were meant to be the only 2 humans created by God up to that time, the question that arises is: Where did she go?.

Lilith Was Cursed by God

All the beings of God lived in the garden of Eden. Among all beings were those that we now know as demons, creatures that by that time fulfilled particular functions as well as were prohibited to contact with other beings. When Lilith left Adam, she went to Samuel that was a demon and gave birth to his offspring.

Then she was turned into a demon that is in the grip of the forbidden carnal experiences. Therefore, God cursed her as well as her offspring.

Then Eve Was Created by God

After Lilith was cursed, God notices that Adam was alone. So God creates a woman complacent and submissive to him. God creates the woman named Eve of a rib of Adam. She appears in the biblical texts as the human being who commits the sin of the forbidden fruit. She is Adam’s second wife. Additionally, he lived without any problems with Eve as well as in all comfort until they were expelled from paradise.To sum up, the relationship between Adam and Lilith with full equality, seduction, and pleasure troubled the hierarchy of the church. Also, there isn’t any equality between female and male religious figure throughout the history of any established religions. Obviously, at certain point in the story, Lilith was censored from the bible because she was more rebellious and more intelligent than the man, and it could give various ideas of empowerment to women.